She Was Hidden..!

The Spark of her eyes expressed her belief of Truth..
The Truth wrapped in the blood of broken and shatterd past.
The shattered past was once a demanding fantasy..
She forgot Fantasies aren’t real..
She put her efforts and care for people,
who used to care..but the care was for themselves.

The world is not what we see,
what we see is not real..
She saw those happy face,
She saw those hidden tears.
She tried to stand for them..
But they never bothered her absence..
She wasn’t a great person
But she failed again and again to become the learner.

What are we, have you ever thought?
We are puppet of fear..
We fear to lose what we have
We fear for what new we would get..
But she wasn’t scared..
She knew what they want.
She knew the pain of fear.
So she tried to bring smile for people who were scared.

She wanted to give whatever she had to them
but for them she was invisible..
She tried so hard to stand for them,
She just wanted to be heard and felt
She just wanted to be missed
But she forgot her belief of Truth says “none whom you want cares, you care for people you want”.


Photo by Kirill Balobanov on Unsplash