“5 Property Buying Mistakes Millennials Make & How To Fix Them”

So you are looking for buying a property…Have you planned how and which house you will buy…and more importantly location of your “dream home”. If you are the first time buyers either millennial or not it must be your dream home…It’s better not to do any mistake while buying a house as it depends on lots of thing that affects your living like investment, proper location and emotion. So make yourself aware of the Mistakes that are being noticed while buying a property and how to fix them.
Mistake 1: No proper planning.

In this current era people does not have time. As a result people are not making a proper planning for buying a house. Not only money but location also matters. For e.g. When you go for shopping, sometimes you just buy a cheap dress because you know it’s attractive and people will notice it but will you prefer that dress if you want to buy it for long term wearing purpose, I don’t think so. Coming back to the topic you are buying a house not a dress so it needs a proper plan with all pros and cons because you will be putting your lots money at stake.

Mistake 2: Not Hiring Real Estate Agent.
Real Estate Agent are people who has license to negotiate and to transact the real estates. It’s natural that they have more knowledge about the properties. When you don’t have time and you want to buy the best thing in the market we rely on online marketing services. Though it makes our life a real easy by sitting in front of our laptop, tablet or smartphone and buying things on a click. “All that glitters are not gold”, so don’t blind trust the house by its image. It’s better to hire a realtor.
Mistake 3: Buying a home in a hurry.
Even if you have hired a Real Estate Agent don’t rush in buying a house. It’s a big decision to buy a property so until you are not satisfied with all the terms and condition don’t buy it. Simple.

Mistake 4: Waiting for the perfect future in a perfect Home.
You know what I believe, dreams are never ending once you achieve a dream, greed for new one rises. Most of the people wait for the perfect time so that they can buy a house of their dream but unfortunately prices go high and they live their live in a rented one. Don’t do this, once you buy a property you are introduced to the business and that definitely promises you a better property in future.
Mistake 5: Not asking for the House’s warranty.
It’s very rare to find a house in a good and properly working condition. If your house is second handed house then definitely not. So it’s good ask for the warranty of the house so that if things will break down you don’t have to pay for it as seller didn’t maintain the property nicely.